About Polmoot

Polmoot is the first edition of a moot court competition organised by the students of one of the most prestigious high schools in Poland- Batory High School of Warsaw. Our alumni are well-known for their successes in the domain of law, which makes current students particularly interested in this area of knowledge. 

The purpose of this event is to create an opportunity for 50 young people from all over Europe to expand their knowledge on international arbitration, law and test their persuasive and rhetorical abilities. The topic of the contest is commercial arbitration, with the legal basis being the The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) rules.


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Pre-moot workshops ⚙️

Eliminations - Written task ​🖊️

Day 1 - General eliminations

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Eliminations - Written task

Day 2 - Finals

14th of April 2019
Supreme Administrative Court in Warsaw

Pre-moot workshops

23rd of March 2019
Warsaw Bar Association

Day 1 - General eliminations

13th of April 2019
Supreme Administrative Court in Warsaw

Gallery Polmoot 2018

Why attend Polmoot?

Relevant Knowledge

Polmoot provides an opportunity to obtain a deep and insightful knowledge of ongoing legal issues, as the cases are chosen as to be relevant to today’s world and interesting.

Amazing people

During Polmoot you will have a chance to meet many people with similar interests and plans for the future!

Valuable abilities

The fact that through moot court students acquire many practical skills makes it an asset when applying to university, not only to Law, but also other courses which place an emphasis on these competences such as marketing or management.


What is moot court?

Moot court is a simulated hearing of a court proceedings in a particular area of law. It is a form of a contest popular among the most prestigious law schools (e.g. Harvard, Oxford, Yale) and even done in cooperation with institutions such as the UN (eg. The European Human Rights Moot Court). Organisers can choose whether they want to moot an international court, arbitrage or tribunal, and adjust the structure of the competition accordingly.

There are 2 sides of an argument: the Claimant (the party/individual stating that a wrong has been committed) and the Respondent (the party/individual denying these allegations). Throughout the moot court participants, who compete in pairs, are expected to represent each of the parties. The first round of a competition is usually a written assignment (Memorial), after which the eliminations in court begin. These proceedings are judged by attorneys/law students, who later rate the pairs, so that two best ones remains and compete in the grand finale.

Sponsors and patrons:

Not just another event

Participating in Polmoot not only allows students to gain confidence in public speaking and
improve their rhetorical skills, but also to gain valuable abilities such as critical analysis,
justification and legal research.

Our Team

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Head of Organising Committee

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You can contact us via our e-mail: polmoot2019@gmail.com

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